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Capt'n Jitters, Demon Corsair

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:50 pm    Post subject: Capt'n Jitters, Demon Corsair  Reply with quote

Name: Capt'n Jitters
Class: Demon Corsair
Alliance: Trinity's End
Archetype: Damage dealer
Stats distribution: Melee

Innate Skill: Soulmarooned
Passive. Jitters has vision of enemy Heroes that are not within X range of at least one of their allied Heroes. Minions ignore Jitters.

Skill I: Evil Transfer
Jitters releases a slow projectile towards the targeted area. Struck units have a % of their maximum health leeched by, and their current position swapped with, the last unit that was struck by the projectile.

Skill II: Imagined Burden
Jitters lobs a large ghost anchor in an arc towards the targeted area, dealing damage when it lands. The Anchor latches onto the nearest enemy Hero, holding it within its range for a duration or until the Anchor is destroyed.

Skill III: Phantom Cache
Summon a Phantom Cache that drops doubloons when it is destroyed. A thick fog surrounds the Cache, greatly reducing the vision of enemy Heroes in a a very large radius and removing their shared allied vision.

Passive Skill: Dread Aura
Passive. Jitters' attacks deal X% more damage. This amount is reduced for each nearby enemy unit.

Ultimate Skill: Dopplegänker
Jitters exchanges appearances with the targeted enemy Hero for a duration, confounding the target's allegiances.

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