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Capt'n Jitters, Demon Corsair
More'o'dis, Pyrelight Construct
Sir Dashington, Debonair Master Fencer
Arcanist WIP
Jade, Jungle Rogue WIP
Alchemist WIP
Paladin WIP
Deforester WIP
Ouro, the Timeless
Soilbleed, Gardener of You
Mentor Primus, the Primordial Constable
Gory Krassprova, Brand of Pyre
Mister Sinistro, Architect of Doom
Thousand Corpses, Taintbreeder
Living Blood
Zak the Vicious, Noxian Headhunter
Erica the Ill-Tempered, Raging Stormborn
Katharnax, Herald of Chaos
Overseer Skrave, Thorvian Wyrmhunter
Aerie, Mindspark of Pyre
Bane, Menschenfresser
Bitter Spark, Antagonistic Polarean Wisp
Corvere, Host
Lord Thorval, Thorvian Alpha Bloodseeker
???, Stormseer
Taurock, Blue Cow
Zul the Cutthroat, Noxian Stalker
Jin the Agitator, Noxian Witch Doctor
Virailj'jer, Execrator
Nixxie, Custodian of Pyre
The Soul Seeker, Seeker of the Grove
Romeo, Phantom Hunter
Aggramagoth, Obliterator
Deathgrin, Thorvian Death Knight
The Falling Dawn, Borean Hunter
Lorelei, Avenger of Pyre
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